My name is Norbert Lawitschka, I`m living with my family on the western edge of an idyllic low mountain range called Spessart. Its only a short hop away from Frankfurt Airport.
I`ve been breeding falcons for many years now such as full-blooded gyrs and huge hybrids like gyr/peregrine, gyr/shahin, 7/8 gyr/saker. Besides I`m breeding also peregrines in different subspecies like middleeuropean, norwegian and scottish falcons and pealsfalcons.
When I was fifteen I found an injured bird of prey, since then I was hooked. Out of the fascination for this bird grew passion for this species, lasting until now. In the consequence Ive been a very busied falconer for about forty years now.

For almost 25 years I was passionate about hawks, with which I looted innumerable rabbits here in the Rhein-Main-area, until I


developed my enthusiasm for falcons in the beginning of the 90`s.Since then I got the chance to own and to hunt with some really great falcons. Seven years ago I started to train falcons especially for hunting crows. Currently Im glad to call two great crow-specialists my own, they strike about 100 crows during the two month in autumn. Furthermore I own a specialist for pheasants, ducks and partridges.
For several years now some of the young falcons are “going to to school”,  means they`re living for about four weeks in an open aviary.
They learn flying and how to srike prey in nature on their own. These birds are very fit, have a high metabolic rate and become really great crow-specialists.
If you are interested you have the possibility to watch and chose “your” falcon in its natural habitat. And be promised you`ll get not only a falcon but a jewel.
Breeded especially for the Arabian countries are my different coloured and really huge gyrs and gyr/ peregrine hybrids. These falcons receive an excellent education so that theyre are enabled to take the special tasks of big prey.

Norbert Lawitschka